Capital Asset Planning & Management

Paragon is a web-based capital asset planning and management tool that provides a foundation for informed decision-making regarding facilities and infrastructure condition, multiyear capital budgeting, capital project planning and functional adequacy. It is based on current programming technology and offers extensive configurability and flexibility, containing robust features for application integration, asset data management, and user-defined metrics and reporting.

Why Paragon?

Contemporary facility asset management is no longer about simple maintenance and cost tracking. Its integration with organization-level mission requirements, environmental regulation standards, capital budgeting goals and multilevel management hierarchies requires tools specifically designed for appropriate administration.

Paragon is a comprehensive asset portfolio tool, allowing for the collection, storage, analysis and reporting of facilities and infrastructure components, condition and related asset data. It provides a holistic view of the portfolio, including buildings, structures, security elements, energy, and utility infrastructure, and is able to quantify and centrally manage all facility needs (e.g., deferred maintenance, functional requirements, energy requirements, and LEED benefits).

Full Cycle Planning

Paragon supports the full life-cycle of a facility: planning to design and acquisition, operation and maintenance, and final disposal/replacement. It is designed specifically as a planning and decision support tool. While not a computerized maintenance management system (CMMS), it does support CMMS type data. The application organizes data to match any organization’s unique mission, composition, contracting, cost, and budget capabilities. Moreover, Paragon is designed to provide useful information for both administration and field-level personnel, thereby promoting its use, effectiveness, and sustainability.

Easy Data Management

Paragon helps users manage critical facility information without data overload. You only track the information that is necessary in a customizable and logical interface. Paragon is your one-stop solution for asset data so that you can make objective decisions for your organization.

Asset Inventory. Create and manage a sustainable asset inventory for every facility or structure managed by your organization in which past, present and recommended future management actions can be planned and tracked. Paragon asset inventory includes information related to the property’s geographic location, specs, size and values, associated building systems and components including plumbing, HVAC, mechanical and electrical systems. Assess the condition of your current campus, building, system, or facility component condition and calculate engineered management system-based concepts like estimated remaining service life.

Store digital documents and images within Paragon for individual buildings with each asset. Collect documents associated to requirements, assemblies, building systems, assets and campuses as well as individual assets, including building plans, specs and O&M manuals. CAD drawings can be saved in popular CAD formats such as Revit, AutoCAD and/or Microstation. Photos document the observed condition of assets and deficiencies.

Paragon Home Page, showing hierarchy of facilities on the left Inventory Listing, filtered on the assets selected on the left Inventory Editor Default Reports, with unlimited custom reports possible. Export to Excel, PDF or MS-Word

Objective Decision Making

Cost Analysis. Analyze maintenance, repair and renovation funding categories. By means of user defined fields and drop-down lists, users have the ability to configure data in a manner that supports organizational unique business needs. In addition to capturing required "action" costs, which support direct upload from RSMeans® online cost estimating tool or input from other cost sources, the application maintains a predictive element with system-level cost modeling relative to each capital asset and the construction makeup of those assets. Users can also identify the rate of investment required to maintain components by analyzing a variety of capital investments and maintenance scenarios.

Project Management. View the condition of multiple assets on a single screen and drill down to determine what issues need to be addressed. Identify and categorize system component level maintenance, repair and renovation work requirements. Manage project development of maintenance, repair and renovation work and prioritize for capital project planning and execution.

Standards Compliance. Create and manage annual inspection programs tailored to the unique mission, system criticality and condition attributes of every system component in the entire asset portfolio. Paragon assists you in meeting compliance goals including:

  • General code compliance
  • Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)
  • Landscaping and site standards
  • Life safety codes
  • Energy audit and conservation analysis
  • Site access, parking and traffic standards
  • LEED benefit requirements

Multi-Level Reporting. Paragon provides thorough and customizable reports so that you can make appropriate decisions for your organization. Report on asset conditions, costs, compliance status, inconsistencies in data, projects and more. Easily output any report to Excel and Word formats.

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